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Why not stick to a balanced diet?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Sticking to a balanced diet can be hard at times and people sometimes find it easier to opt for unhealthy options and so develop an unhealthy diet. These options include the easy availability of:

Convenience food - processed food, prepared for ease of consumption, e.g microwaveable meals.

Fast food - mass produced food that is prepared quickly, e.g. takeaway.

Junk food - cheap food containing high levels of calories with little nutritional content, e.g. crisps/chocolate bars.

Why do some people eat an unhealthy diet?

  • Some people are busy and so find it difficult to prepare fresh meals.

  • Some people have low incomes and so find it hard to afford fresh and healthy foods.

  • Some people lack knowledge and what it takes to prepare and cook meals from scratch.

  • Some people like the taste of unhealthy foods

Why people should not eat fast food/junk food/convenience?

  • It has low nutritional value

  • It can be addictive

  • Some may have a desire to lose weight so will avoid these foods

  • Some have a desire to eat a balanced diet so will rarely eat these foods

  • Some may have a desire to learn how to cook these meals from scratch at home

Why would people choose to eat fast food/junk food/convenience food?

  • The taste

  • The low cost

  • It is readily available

  • Quick or no preparation time

  • Can be part of a social event like a birthday party

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