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Bullying: What is it?

There is no legal definition of bullying. But it is usually defined as repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically.

There are many different types of bullying and it can take many forms including:

Physical Bullying: - This includes hitting, tripping, kicking or damaging someone's property.

Social Bullying: - This takes place behind a person's back. It includes rumours, talking about the person without knowing the facts, damaging their reputation and sometimes, causing humiliation.

Verbal Bullying: - This includes insults, teasing, intimidation and homophobic or racist remarks.

Homophobic Bullying: - This occurs when people behave or speak in a way depending on their actual or perceived sexuality. People may be targeted because they are gay, lesbian or transgender.

Racist Bullying: - This occurs when people make comments about a person's skin colour or the ethnic group they belong to or the person's place of birth.

Cyber-Bullying: - Cyber-bullying is the persistent harassment of someone using digital technologies. It can include hurtful texts, emails, posts online, images or videos that make the victim feel uncomfortable, rumours or intimidation of the victim.

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