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Quality or Price? How will I decide?

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Considering quality compared to price requires research of similar items that have varying price ranges. The manufacturer may be a high-end company and they can command a higher price tag than another company that may not be so well known for the same product.

Some people believe that quality is an important motivation for buying something.

An advantage for buying for quality is that:

  • If a product is better quality, it will last longer and therefore this saves them money in the long term

However, a disadvantage may be that:

  • All products can have faults and some have only a particular life span - no matter how well they are made.

Some people believe that price is an important factor when buying something.

An advantage for buying for price is that:

  • The person feels they are getting good value for money.

  • The person can buy the product within a price that they know they can afford.

However, disadvantages may be that:

  • The person may end up paying for/buying a cheaper item twice as it does not last as long as a more expensive item.

  • It may not provide the same service as a more expensive product.

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