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Advantages of being a member of a trade union

Not everyone in the workplace will be a member of a trade union. But there are some advantages to being a member of a trade union.

  • If there were issues in the workplace, a member of a trade unions does not need to speak to management or the employer alone about their concerns, they can attend alongside the trade union representative in the workplace. This gives the employee confidence and support.

  • Just by phoning or emailing the trade union the employee is a member of, they could get a response to a query quickly as the trade union will be able to answer almost any question relating to an individual's contract of employment.

  • The trade union can help members who feel they are being treated unfairly in the workplace by checking the employer's responsibility and investigating if a breach has been made. If a breach is found then the trad union or trade union representative in the workplace can advise the member on what they should do.

  • The trade union can support members by checking and ensuring there is a career progression for employees in that workplace. If there is not a path for career progression then the trade union would advise the employer on this.

  • The trade union will defend all of its members and negotiate on behalf of its members for good pay and working conditions. This takes the pressure off the employees, knowing that there is someone else arguing on their behalf and so letting them get on with their work.

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