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Why students should take part in an Interview Skills Day

An interview is a great opportunity for a person to show their potential employer that they are the best person for the job. Most students, at school, may never have experienced an interview either for a job or for a place on a course.

When students take part in Interview Skills Day, that will usually be organised by their school, it gives them the opportunity to:

  • Find out where the interview is being held and so they can plan to get there on time.

  • Research the job and employer, if they are being interviewed by a local employer in the community.

  • Read over their application form to remind themselves of what they included in it; students may be asked questions on their application form.

  • Think about themselves so that they can discuss their skills and qualities, attitudes and experiences.

  • Think about what they will wear - this may be school uniform or it may be other appropriate clothes.

  • Think about and prepare the questions they could be asked during the interview so they can answer clearly and speak with confidence.

  • Taking part in an Interview Skills Day will give students an insight in to what to expect in the world of work when they are asked to attend an interview for a job they have applied for.

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