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External influences on young people

Young people's attitudes towards education, training and employment tend to come from external influences. They can have a huge influence on how young people feel about, relate to or not to relate to education, training and employment.

These external influences include the following:

  • Significant adults such as family members, friends, neighbours.

  • Relationships they have with people in school such as with teachers, classroom assistants, coaches, fellow students.

  • The media such films, TV series, magazines, social media.

  • Role models - TV stars, film stars, sports stars, musicians

Education, training and employment describes a lifelong process by which a person can secure a good standard of living and reach their individual potential. If a young person does not have good experiences or has not been surrounded by positive external influences then this can lead to them becoming NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and they are more likely to be disadvantaged, have poorer health and be less likely to have secure employment.

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