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Causes of stress in the workplace

Stress is when a person experiences mental tension and worry that at times can result in anxiety. There are many reasons why an employee can feel stressed at work, the most common reasons include:


Stress in the workplace can be brought on when employees do not feel supported by their employers or managers. If employees do not feel supported well enough by their managers or employers or feel unable to ask for support with problems then the employee can become worried about why they are not being supported and begin to feel that they are working in isolation.


Stress in the workplace can come about when the employee feel that the demand placed on them from their managers and employers is too much and sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes, the employee may be expected to work too many hours or reach unrealistic targets. This can lead to the employee feeling that they are unable to do their job properly and this can result in the employee making mistakes.

Working relationships

Stress in the workplace can be brought on when relationships within the workplace begin to break down. This may be because they feel they have a poor working relationship with their manager, within their team and/or with colleagues that they work with and so can feel embarrassed, self-conscious and uncomfortable working with others in the workplace.

Periods of change

Stress in the workplace can come about when there is change happening in the workplace. These changes could included if a business moves premises, if there are job cuts or when there is a change of employer. If changes like this are not managed well, employees may feel insecure and unsure of what is expected of them.

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