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How the Northern Ireland Government promotes peace in Northern Ireland

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

When the Good Friday Agreement was signed in 1998, part of the agreement contained safeguards to promote peace in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Government promotes peace by:

Promoting equality

The NI Government creates, reviews and enforces laws to protect Human Rights, like equality laws, to ensure people are protected from discrimination and are treated equally. This helps to ensure a fairer society and reduces potential conflict.

Producing government policies that promote equality

This ensures government policies comply with Human Rights legislation and supports diversity and inclusion so people from different communities can live together peacefully.

Supporting Community Relations

The NI Government support the work of the Community Relations Council which promotes cross-community activities. These activities encourage people from different communities to build relationships. This helps to reduce potential conflict.

Raising awareness through education

The NI government ensures young people in schools are taught about Human Rights, equality and the need for peace, like in LLW lessons, and about the consequences of conflict in our society.

Encouraging shared and integrated education

This allows children and young people from different traditions and cultures to meet and build relationships. This reduces prejudice and potential conflict within communities.

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