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The role of the Community Relations Council (CRC)

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The Community Relations Council was set up in Northern Ireland in 1990. It was set up to promote good relations among people in Northern Ireland. Its main aim is to promote peace, reconciliation and mutual trust through:

Policy development

The CRC policies aims to include building 'good' relations between Catholic and Protestant communities and other cultural groups.


The CRC is responsible for funding applications and provides finance for organisations to work on local community and cross-community projects. The funding may go towards mediation, interface development work and conflict resolution.

Support and Social Networks

The CRC provides advice and guidance to local community groups, churches and organisations on developing cross-community projects and building 'good' relations.


The CRC provides training to organisations and local community groups on developing cross community projects and building 'good' relationships among groups of people.


The CRC conducts research to provide evidence for approaches to cross-community work and building 'good' community relations.


The CRC raises awareness about its work through the media and public events, seminars, conferences and workshops.


The CRC holds consultations with the public to obtain their views on issues such as building 'good' community relations and trying to deal with the issues that exist within communities.


The CRC supports schools and young groups to develop cross-community projects to enable young people to better understand the views of others from a different community and to build 'good' relations.

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