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What is Cultural Identity?

Updated: Mar 28

What is identity?

Identity is who we are. Every human being is unique and has many aspects to their identity. For example gender, age, religious beliefs. Identity is formed through:

  • Personal experience

  • Your background

  • The homes you live in

  • The communities you live in/belong to

  • The school you attend

What is cultural identity?

Your cultural identity is what you share with members of a group. It is formed by:

  • Language

  • Beliefs

  • Values

  • Traditions of the community you come from

What factors influence a person's cultural identity?


  • Family values in the home (good or bad manners)

  • Brought up with a particular religion

  • Language spoken at home

  • Musical influences in the home


  • The school you go to and it’s ethos and motto

  • The sports played

  • Peer Group

  • Friends wearing similar fashions

  • Friends eating the same foods/certain foods

  • Music practised and played in school


  • Beliefs and morals from religion

  • Traditional practices of your religion


  • Fashion trends shown in magazines

  • Fashionable music or bands on TV or radio


  • Having the same religious and/or political beliefs as the people in your neighbourhood

Northern Ireland is a multicultural country. This means that there are many different cultures that exist in Northern Ireland. It is a culturally diverse society.

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