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The benefits of attending a work placement

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Going on a work placement is a great opportunity for you to find out more about work, that job and the responsibilities that come with that occupation before you make your final decision and career choice.

You get to learn about the organisation

When you are out on placement you will get to find out, learn and understand a lot more about the organisation that you are placed in. You will learn how it works, the hours expected of its employers, sort of people it employs and what training and career opportunities there are within the organisation.

You get to learn about yourself

When you are out on placement, you will get to know and learn something about yourself. It is a great personal journey finding out what type of person you are, how you get on with people at work and the skills and interests that you have.

You get an opportunity to take responsibility

You will need to be be punctual, independent and helpful to others. You will be out on your own and you will have to take responsibility for yourself, your attitude and your commitment to the work placement. You will meet and talk to adults who are working in the organisation and making their living from their job. So you will expected to be brave and confident and ask them about their jobs and experiences and what typical working conditions are like.

You get to see the relevance between school and the working world

Going on a work placement gives you the opportunity to see links between the subjects that you were sitting at school and the knowledge and skills that are needed in the workplace. It helps you focus on school work and strive for success in your subjects because when on placement, you will learn that there is no hiding place in the workplace as employers will be relying on your subject knowledge and expertise for their successes.

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