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Impact on work/school performances when drinking alcohol

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Alcohol affects a young person's health and well-being and it also makes it more difficult for a young person to function normally, when at school or at work. If the alcohol abuse is a regular occurrence for the young person, they may experience:

Increased absence from school/work

This may be due to having a hangover, sleeping in from being out late the night before, not being able to face responsibilities due to having taken too much alcohol.

Accidents in the workplace

If the young person is still under the influence of alcohol from the previous evening, they will not be able to concentrate or focus as expected and so they are more likely to either cause or be part of an accident, particularly if machinery is involved.

Reduced productivity at work or school

Performance at school/work may be affected as the young person may not feel motivated to give their best work, they may be too tired to give their best work or they may feel too unwell to give their best work.

Disciplinary action/dismissal/expulsion.

If it is discovered that the young person has not been giving their best in work/school or may have caused an accident at work/school, because of alcohol abuse, then they may be disciplined, asked to leave for a short time or they may be expelled and asked not to return to school/workplace.

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