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Impact on family relationships when drinking alcohol

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Alcohol affects a person's health and well-being and it also affects relationships they have with their friends and also their families. If the alcohol abuse is a regular occurrence for the person, they may experience:

Poor Parenting

Drinking alcohol can impair how a person normally behaves and so they may find it difficult to be a responsible parent or partner and contributor to a functioning household.


If there are people in the home who drink alcohol, then there may be an increase in arguments, accidents and violence within the home, whenever a person drinks alcohol. This can damage relationships as the person may say things or do things to others in the family that are very hurtful.

A difficult pregnancy

If a mother drinks alcohol when expecting a baby, they may experience a difficult pregnancy and the child may suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome. This means the baby is born with physical and emotional health issues.

Poor emotional health

A family may experience emotional health problems such as fear, anxiety or depression as a result of a family member drinking alcohol because the family know that the person drinking alcohol can be unpredictable in their behaviour or, sometimes they can be predictive and so, the family members will know what to expect will happen after a certain amount of drink is taken.

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