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Economic costs to drinking alcohol

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Drinking alcohol extends beyond the person who is drinking the alcohol. There are many economic costs to drinking alcohol and these include some of the following:

  • When a person buys alcohol at the shop or supermarket, this may be factored in to the family budget so they know they can afford to buy alcohol.

  • The family may suffer if money is spent on alcohol instead food and snacks for the family, causing family members to go hungry and without treats.

  • A person could spend too much money on alcohol and this means they cannot afford to go to social events as well. This could lead to the break up relationships as the other person may feel they are being deprived of great social experiences.

  • The treatment of alcohol-related illnesses and accidents costs the NHS millions of pounds every year.

  • If policing is increased in an area where there is binge-drinking and anti-social behaviour, this costs the tax-payer money.

  • When the government spends money on dealing with alcohol abuse within communities and society, this can impact the government budget for other aspects of society such as the amount of money set aside for education and health.

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