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Financial impacts of experimenting with drugs

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Experimenting with drugs can have some serious impacts on a person's social health, emotional health and physical health. There may also be a financial impact on the person engaged in experimenting with drugs. These may include:

Feeling financial pressure and so resort to thieving

When a person is involved in regular drug use, this can be expensive and put a strain on the person's financial situation. When a person becomes addicted to drugs, they may not have the money to buy their next 'high' so they may resort to theft to secure money for their next fix.

Loss of job and therefore no income

When a person is experimenting with drugs, they may find that this has an impact on their work. The drug user may find it difficult to concentrate and focus and may miss deadlines. This could result in the person losing their job and having no income.

Paying for dealing with legal issues

It is against the law to make, sell or have illegal drugs in your possession. Punishments for breaking these laws include having to go to court, being sent to jail, or having to pay hefty fines which all cost money.

Becoming homelessness

When a person is involved with regular drug use, this can be expensive and may not leave much money to cover living expenses such as rent, the mortgage, food or utility bills. If a person cannot pay the rent/mortgage on the place where they live, they could lose their home and become homeless.

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