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Social Health: the impacts of experimenting with drugs

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Experimenting with drugs can have some serious impacts on a person's social health, emotional health and physical health. There may also be a financial impact on the person engaged in experimenting with drugs.

Here are some of the impacts on social health:


Relationships can suffer when drug use becomes more important than people. This can lead to conflict, arguments and breakdowns in relationships, leaving the drug user feeling alone and isolated.

Safety - Put themselves at risk

When a drug user is under the influence of drugs this could cause a person to do things that they might not usually do. They could put themselves at risk of being in a dangerous situation.

This could mean that other people may have to help the drug user and so this can put innocent people in to position of responsibility and dread for what the drug user may do next.

Losing friends

When a person is experimenting with drugs, they may find that this has an impact on their school work. The drug user may find it difficult to concentrate and focus and grades may suffer. Other students in the class may not want to be friends with the drug user as they are afraid that their grades may fall too. This could leave the drug user feeling alone and isolated at school.

People fear you because of violence

Some drugs can increase the likelihood of violent behaviour and this could lead to serious injury to a person or to those around them. The drug user may find that people do not want to be in their company as they are afraid that the drug user may become aggressive or violent. This could leave the drug user isolated and without friends/colleagues.

Isolation from family due to imprisonment

Breaking laws where there has been drug-use could see procedures including, having to go to court, being sent to jail or having to enter a rehabilitation programme which means the drug user is required to spend time away from family and friends.

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