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Why commitment is important in maintaining a healthy relationship

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A relationship is a connection that a person has with another person. Most people have many different relationships like with friends, family, acquaintances, teachers, employers.

Having commitment in a relationship is very important as it helps to maintain a healthy relationship for the following reasons:

  • It means two people make a pledge to stay together through good times and bad and do not give up on the relationship by walking away when things get tough. This helps to build trust and assurance that one person is not going not going to be there when support is needed the most.

  • The relationship is more likely to be stable and likely to last if two people want to be together, support each other and talk through any difficulties and spend time together.

  • Commitment involves both parties working together to make the relationship work and for both people to feel comfortable in that the relationship.

Although communication is very important in maintaining a healthy relationship, these factors are also very important too:

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