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Why certain groups of people feel marginalised in society

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

When a group of people with a different religion/race/culture are the minority of people in society, they can be treated as insignificant and so become 'left out' in society. This can lead to minority groups of people becoming marginalised in society. This may happen because, in society, there is:


Minority groups may not be treated equally and do not have the same rights as the majority of people in society.


Minority groups may experience prejudice and discrimination in society when the majority of people isolate or exclude minority groups because they have a different culture/religion/race/ethnic background.

an unfair treatment of people

Minority groups may not have access to the same opportunities as those in the majority in socity and so may be disadvantaged and lack opportunities.

there is a lack of representation

Minority groups may not be represented or their views may not be taken into account when decisions are being made, for example when laws are made by the government.

there is media bias

The views of minority groups may not be represented by the media or the views presented may be biased and not represent people of different cultures/religions/races fairly.

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