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The role your community could have to combat sectarianism/racism

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The role that the community plays in promoting inclusion and combating issues such as sectarianism and racism is very important in trying to develop tolerance, understanding and acceptance of different people in society.

Community events such as celebrations/festivals - can be organised by the local council to help raise awareness and promote tolerance and understanding of different religious practices and cultural diversity.

Youth clubs - bring young people in a community together. The youth club could organise events to help young people meet and become friends with people from another religious/cultural group.

Schools - in communities can teach pupils in lessons about the causes and consequences of sectarianism/racism. They can provide opportunities for young people to mix with young people from other schools to learn to work together, learn about each other and encourage inclusion. This could reduce community tensions and reduce sectarianism/racism.

Cross Community Groups - such as Black Mountain Shared Space, in Belfast, can be made up of a variety of people from different cultural or religious backgrounds. They could meet regularly to discuss problems or issues that may be happening in the community and try to come up with actions that could resolve some of the conflict in the community.

Report crimes to the Police - people within the community need to take responsibility

and report if they have witnessed sectarianism or racism having taken place in the community. The police have a role and adapt strategies to help combat sectarianism/racism in the community.

The media - can be used to report on and highlight the positive aspects of the

community and not focus their reports on sectarian or racist events. This will help people in the community feel a sense of pride and be proud of the community the live in.

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