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Consequences of Discrimination

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Discrimination means to treat a person (or group of people) differently or unfairly just because of the group that they belong to.

Causes of discrimination can be due to:

  • ignorance, lack of understanding

  • beliefs of your family members

  • the media

  • religious opinions

  • political opinions

Consequences of discrimination:

Can lead to further conflict/violence as it creates a 'them and us society' and leads to tension and conflict between groups being discriminated against and those who are discriminating.

Sees people becoming marginalised and they may become disengaged from society. This group of people may feel excluded and do not participate in civil society or political processes because they feel their views will not be heard or considered.

Sees social injustice reinforced in society as people who are discriminated against experience greater social injustice. These actions keep this group of people vulnerable and reinforces difference and division in society.

Affects people's psychological and emotional well being, leading to unhappiness, anxiety and depression and possibly even addictive behaviours like drug abuse.

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