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Ways to deal with stress in the workplace

Many believe that to avoid work-related stress you need to have a healthy work-life balance. However sometimes this balance is not equal and you can begin to feel stressed. If you recognise that your stress is work-related, you can begin to put in place one or some of the many different strategies that can help you deal with stress in the work-place.

The first thing to look at would be your own lifestyle to ensure that it is helping you to stay fit and healthy for the workplace. You could consider:

Your diet and exercise routine

Ensure you have a healthy diet, avoiding alcohol and nicotine and exercising regularly, taking the time to be active and walk when possible. This will help to keep the mind clear and focused on issues that need to be dealt with.

Your sleep patterns The world always seems different when you are well slept. Less annoys you and levels of anxiety after a good night's sleep are well reduced. It is not always easy, particularity if you are busy with work or have a busy family life at home, but having a consistent bedtime routine every evening and avoiding reading your phone before going to sleep could help you to improve your quality of sleep.

Making time to relax

Find out what helps you relax. It could be a walk along the beach, reading a novel or watching a movie. You could investigate the possibility of relaxation therapies such as reflexology or massage that may help you to relax and unwind.

Plan and organise yourself

You could write out lists of jobs that have to be completed by a certain date and try to finish one job before starting another. This can help you prioritise what needs to get done and when. In the workplace, try only to take on tasks that you can complete because you know you have the necessary skills, knowledge and resources needed to complete the tasks.

You may also consider talking to someone about how you are feeling. You could:

Talk to your employer

Make an appointment with your employer and let them know how you are feeling when you are at work. If you say nothing your employer will be assuming that you are okay and that you are happy in your job. Ask your employer for further training if you feel you need to develop you skills and knowledge to complete the certain tasks. Other things you could talk about include workload, working relationships, time or workplace expectations. Most employers will appreciate hearing about your thoughts and feelings.

Talk to others

If there is someone in the workplace you can trust, share your thoughts and feelings with them as you may discover that you are not the only one in the workplace feeling the way that you do. You may want to talk to your friends outside of the workplace as they may be able to offer you some advice to help you.

Speak to your GP and seek counselling

Make an appointment to see your doctor and tell them how you are feeling and long you have been feeling the way that you have been feeling. The doctor will be able to assess if there are be underlying health issues that are making you feel the way that you do. Your GP can help to organise an appointment to speak to a counsellor privately or they may pass on appropriate phone numbers like The Samaritans who can also help you.

Sometimes, you may feel that you have tried many other strategies and in fact all you need to do is:

Take time off work

Sometimes it is useful to take some time off from the workplace to reassess your working position or to rebuild your emotional and physical strength. This will help you to see things are they are and even try to work out what is making you feel stressed and what can you do about it.

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