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The positive impact of immigrants living in Northern Ireland

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

People coming to live and settle in Northern Ireland bring their culture, skills and experiences. It is important that there are immigrants in Northern Ireland because of the following reasons:

Enriches Northern Ireland Culture

Immigrants contribute to the culture of Northern Ireland. Their different language, dress, customs and food contribute to cultural diversity and a multicultural society.

Enhances understanding

When people engage with others from different cultures and countries, they learn to understand each other and become tolerant of each other’s views. They become respectful to each other which should reduce prejudice and misunderstandings.

Sense of Community

Different groups of people living together can help to build relationships and create a

sense of community and belonging.

Economic Reasons

By gaining employment and buying goods and services, immigrants contribute to the local Northern Ireland economy.

Fill employment gaps

Immigrants working in Northern Ireland improve areas of the economy where there is a skills shortage. Some immigrants are highly skilled and qualified, for example nurses and doctors. Other immigrants work in the jobs that the local people do not want but there is still a demand and a need for that work to be done.

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