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How families living in conflict may be affected

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Conflict can occur at all levels of society and can come about because of a variety of reasons including:

  • land disputes

  • differences in political opinion

  • religious differences

  • cultural differences

  • the unfair distribution of resources

So how are families affected when living in a place of conflict?

They can be subject to violence

Family members may be injured or killed in the conflict. This has a strong and lasting negative emotional effect on those who have suffered or lost someone.

Their physical/mental health can suffer

Conflict can effect the physical and mental health of family members. Children and young people may suffer because of their experiences of conflict.

They may experience homelessness

Families may have to leave their homes because it is not safe for them to live where they live. They may have no place to go and become homeless.

There may a lack of resources going to them

Families may not be able to get basic essentials such as food and water or access to health care. This can lead to malnutrition and untreated medical conditions.

There can be disruption of family life

Daily routines such as children going to school, playing with friends, parents going to work and socialising are disrupted. This can create stress within the family.

There may be a taking sides

Family members may become involved in the conflict. Young people may be recruited as child soldiers and have to leave their family. This can cause division within families.

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