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Problems a young person from a different country may experience in Northern Ireland

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

When a young person moves from another country to Northern Ireland, this can be difficult for the young person, for a variety of reasons:

The young person may experience loneliness The young person may have difficulty making new friends because they feel that they are different and will not have much in common with other young people in Northern Ireland and so feel lonely.

There may be language barriers

The young person may have difficulty communicating with people in Northern Ireland because they do not have a good understanding of the English language and few people in Northern Ireland speak a language other than English.

Different customs/traditions

The young person may find learning about the culture of the people in Northern Ireland difficult because they are not aware of and do not understand particular customs and practices.


The young person may experience discrimination because people can be ignorant and lacking in knowledge and understanding about someone who is different to them. This could make the young person feel vulnerable.

Not settling in to School/College

The young person may not settle in school/college. They may have difficulty 'fitting in' because friendship groups are already established or there may be a language barrier that may make trying to communicate with others, and make friends, difficult.

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