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How employers can provide a duty of care to their employees

All employers owe a duty of care to their employees. When employers do this, it leads to:

  • greater job satisfaction with employees

  • better efficiency in the workplace

  • better staff morale

  • a positive and productive workplace

  • a successful business

How can employers provide a duty of care to their employees?

  • employers must pay their employees a fair wage for the work they do and must not exploit them.

  • employers must ensure that the workplace is safe for the employee to work in and ensure that they provide a healthy environment

  • employers must follow all legislation for the workplace and make sure their employees are not discriminated against

  • employers should be realistic about their employees' work-life balance and allow time off for compassionate leave and annual leave that they are entitled to

  • employers should provide opportunities in the workplace for promotion or for employees to further and develop their career

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