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Why part-time work may have a negative impact on some students

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Working when you are student has some benefits like learning about a business, what skills are needed in the workplace and, of course, having that little bit of spending money at the end of each week can really help with saving or buying what you need or like.

However, working part time can have its challenges and here are some of them:

  • If the student is working after school they may not have time to do their homework and this could have an impact on their school work, grades and qualifications.

  • The student may be too tired to get up for school the following morning after working and so may decide to stay at home, which could mean that their absences would hinder their progress in school.

  • The student may like earning money and hence decide to give up school, therefore they will not have achieved the qualifications they were aiming for and/or need for any future employment opportunities.

  • The student may become stressed as a result of managing schoolwork and a part-time job. They feel that they cannot say no or let down their employer by refusing work, yet they find it very difficult to have enough time to study and work and this can be stressful.

  • The student may become depressed as they may miss out on social events and therefore lose contact with their friends as they work too much in their part time job.

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