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How citizens can actively participate to influence change in society

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The strength of democracy depends on people's participation in the democratic process. Everyone in society has a responsibility to participate in society and help to bring about change. Ways that people can actively participate in democratic process include:

Voting in elections

People have a responsibility to vote in elections for the political party that they believe will best represent their views and work for the interests of all the people in society.

Take part in a campaign

People can join others in a campaign about an issue/cause. If the campaign has enough public support it might persuade the government to take action and change what is happening.

Sign a petition

People can join others in signing a petition about an issue/cause that they feel strongly about. This highlights the level of support for their issue/cause and may influence those in power to deal with the issue/cause. This petition may be online or a signature on a paper petition. Depending on the number of signatures, the government can discuss the issue/cause and may be bring about a change.

Participate in a peaceful protest/march

People can show their support for an issue/cause by taking part in a peaceful demonstration. This raises public awareness of the issue/cause. The publicity may influence the government to act and address the issue/cause.

Lobby Government

People can lobby government to persuade them to take action to address an issue/cause.

Write a letter

People can write a letter to their local politician or to the government to highlight an issue/cause and encourage key decision makers or government to take action to address this issue/concern.

Participate in discussions

People can get involved in politics, participate in debates, public discussion forums and consultations and help to influence policy and the views of their elected representatives


People can join an NGO and support its cause. They can work for the NGO to influence changes in society.

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