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Benefits of living in a democracy

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Democracy is based in the principles of inclusion and equality. There are many benefits to living in a democratic society, they include:

People being protected by the Law

If an individual's rights are being abused they can take their case to court to ensure their rights are upheld. The law protects people as everyone is treated equally and has the right to a fair trial.

Everyone is entitled to a fair trial

Everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing by a competent, independent and impartial judge/jury established by law

People can vote in elections

Everyone over a certain age can vote for political representatives in government. In a democracy people have a chance to voice their opinion in free and regular local and national elections.

Human Rights exist

Everyone has Human Rights that are protected by the law. This means that people should receive their basic human rights and be safeguarded from exploitation and discrimination.

Freedom of expression exists

People are allowed to express their views publicly and without fear of being arrested for their own opinions. The media (newspapers and TV) are free to publish information which they consider to be in the public interest without fear of being shut down or fined for expressing views.

There is a Multi-party system

This means that there are different political parties, with different views and attitudes and this gives people a choice when voting as there is more than one party that exists.

Government has to act within the law

The rule of law exists which means that people are protected from injustice and oppression by the government as they are accountable for their actions.

Participating in democracy is allowed

People in a democracy are encouraged to engage in democratic processes like voting, standing up for others and voicing concerns about social inequality when they see it.

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