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Why human participation rights are important in a democracy

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Political and public participation rights are important because they are essential to maintaining democracy and the democratic processes. Participation rights give people a voice in how the country is governed.

Participation rights give everyone the right to vote and to stand in elections, This enables citizens to represent their interests and to influence decision making

Participation rights promote equality and inclusion. Everyone can participate directly and indirectly in political and public life. They can help to ensure that minority groups are not marginalised.

Participation rights, such as the right to freedom of assembly and association, enable people to meet, form and join groups to achieve a common goal. This allows people to promote and defend common interests in society.

Participation rights are also important for children. It gives them a voice on matters that affect them and enables them to freely express their views

People have the right to participate in civil society. They can join Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to highlight societal issues, challenge and hold the government to account.

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