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Drawbacks of being a member of a trade union

There may be some drawbacks and disadvantages to being a member of a trade union. These include:

Membership fees

The cost of membership may be rather high and the employee may feel that they may not be getting value for money. Also if the employee never uses the services of a trad union then this can be seen as a waste of money.

Pressure to go on strike

If you are a member of a trade union and the majority of members decide to take action such as go slow or strike, then the employee may feel pressure to go on strike even through they may not want to do this.

Loss of earnings when called to action

Trade unions may call their members out on strike which could lead to a loss of earnings or break in service for the employee. Also, returning to work after being on strike may cause stress to the employee as they may have a lot of extra work to catch up on.

No say in the decisions being made

Decisions made on behalf of the members by the trade union are binding on all members whether or not they personally agree with these decisions made.

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