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Benefits to an employee of being trained

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Training is used to improve the performance or knowledge of employees in the workplace. There are different ways an employer can train their employees. There is:

Induction Training

This training is for new employees and helps them to learn duties of the job, meet new colleagues and learn the aims and policies of the business.

On-the-job training

This training happens in the workplace while someone is working. It usually takes place with a new employee watching another employee who has been working in the business for a while, job shadowing them to see how certain tasks are carried out.

Off-the-job training

This training happens outside of the workplace, in a hall or at a hotel or in another workplace environment. It can involve self-study or a training course.

The impact of employees being trained to do their work

1. Employees can update their skills which will result in them being able to undertake various different tasks and become more effective in their job.

2. Employees may have better opportunities for promotion if they attend training programmes which could lead to better job satisfaction and an enhancement in salary.

3. Employees being trained can motivate them and this can help them to be more productive in the workplace and perhaps earn more money.

4. Employees receiving training may present them with the opportunity to seek work

with another company and thus safeguard against unemployment - keeping them employable.

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