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Why businesses in NI try to use local produce

Many businesses throughout Northern Ireland are actively involved and engaged in helping their local economy. This will be part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy which includes how it intends for the business to try and benefit society.

Businesses in Northern Ireland buy some of their products from local businesses because this contributes to their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, as they are helping the Northern Ireland economy to grow and be sustainable.

Businesses that buy products locally are seen to be socially responsible and this is the case also with global companies that are in Northern Ireland. For example:

  • McDonald's, in Northern Ireland, sources it's beef and cheese from local farmers in Northern Ireland.

  • Starbucks, in Northern Ireland, buy tray bakes and scones from local Northern Irish bakers, to sell to its customers in Northern Ireland.

  • The big supermarkets Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda all sell products from Northern Ireland.

This is important as businesses realise that customers like to know and trust that their bread, vegetables, eggs and meat have not travelled very far so they are as fresh as possible. Supporting the local economy in this way shows that businesses are supporting the Northern Ireland food sector and local economy.

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