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Ways the workplace can promote inclusion

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

It is very important that all employees are included within the workplace. The workplace can promote inclusion by ensuring that:

All employees are paid equal pay for the same work

Employers need to ensure that employees get paid equal pay for those who carry out the same work or duties. This promotes inclusion.

All employees are paid for the work they do

Employers need to ensure employees are paid a fair wage on time and to ensure each employee.

All employees are protected from discrimination

Employers need to ensure there is equality in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, political opinion, disability within the workplace. Disciplinary policies will clearly set out sanctions if members of staff behave in a way that may be deemed to be discriminatory.

All employees need to be safe in work

Employers must ensure employees are fully trained in the use of all equipment in the workplace; to ensure all employees receive health and safety training and to follow health and safety legislation. This keeps all employees safe.

All employees should be given opportunities for promotion

Employers need to ensure there are opportunities for career progression or promotion within the workplace. This keeps staff motivated and wanting to up-date and improve on their skills and knowledge. It means that everyone in included in going for promotions.

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