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How a local community can promote inclusion

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Promoting inclusion means that everyone in the community has a part to play and no individual or group of people are left out. A local community can promote inclusion by:

Establishing a community group to promote inclusion

This would encourage representatives from different groups in the community to join, plan and implement activities to make the community more inclusive.

Organising activities/events

The community could celebrate cultural diversity and inclusion by having activities/events that represent all the different groups living in the local community.

Providing education on inclusion

In an allocated place within the community, people could run classes, hold seminars, have guest speakers so that others in the community can learn more about inclusion.

Using the media

When positive things take place then people within the community could communicate and raise awareness of the importance of inclusion in the local community.

Ensuring local facilities are suitable for everyone

Everyone should ensure that there are facilities which everyone in the community can access including people with disabilities.

Providing support for people who may feel marginalised or vulnerable

People can arrange to offer advice and help people who feel marginalised in the community.

Offering English language classes

Language may be a barrier for some groups of people in the community so having classes to help them learn English may help them to communicate with others and will make it easier for them to integrate into the local community.

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