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How schools can promote inclusion

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Schools must ensure everyone is respected and included in all aspects of school life. They can promote inclusion in a number of different ways:

The School culture/ethos

The school environment should promote inclusion by making all pupils feel a sense of belonging.

School policies

School policies including the 'Inclusion Policy' sets out the schools targets and actions that the school will take to ensure all pupils are included in all aspects of school life.

Anti-bullying policy

The school's 'Anti-Bullying Policy' sets out actions the school will take to ensure everyone is respected and treated fairly.

Positive behaviour policy

The school's 'Positive Behaviour Policy' promotes inclusion by encouraging positive behaviour towards everyone and to take a firm stand against those who act to exclude others.

Hosting school cultural events

School's can celebrate different cultures by having school events which acknowledge different religions, festivals, languages, diet/food. This encourages all young people to experience and learn about other cultures.

Having special Assemblies

Special assemblies can be held for groups of students to gain knowledge and understanding of cultural diversity and the importance of tolerance.

A variety of foods in the school canteen

In the school canteen there can be multicultural food, a varied menu and students that have special dietary requirements have access to foods so that their dietary needs are met.

School curriculum/lessons

Pupils can learn about social inclusion, and diversity and inclusion, through the school curriculum and lessons, like LLW, RE.

Having disabled access

School facilities should meet the needs of all pupils including those with disabilities whether this is ramps for wheelchair access, chair lifts as part of the school building or the use of hearing aid systems required.

SEN support

The curriculum should be tailored to meet the requirements of pupils with special educational needs so that they can access the learning. This promotes inclusion as the needs of pupils with special educational needs are being met.

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