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How to deal with cyber-bullying

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

What is cyber-bullying?

Cyber-bullying is the persistent harassment of someone using digital technologies. It could include hurtful texts, emails, posts online, spreading rumours online, intimidating a person or posting images or videos that make a person feel uncomfortable.

How can a young person deal with cyber-bullying?

The young person should:

  • Tell someone what has been happening - this could be a parent/guardian, a friend, a teacher in school.

  • Block the number off their phone or block their account online to prevent further bullying and harassment.

  • Try to stand up for themselves as much as possible by ignoring the cyber-bully, not replying to messages/texts/posts from the bully and not giving them any attention.

  • Think about coming off social media for a while to get a break and some head space and 'turn the bullying off'.

  • Consider contacting the police about the incidents and comments made - the young person must be able to show the police evidence of what has been happening.

  • Consider talking to someone at an organisation that can give advice and help with the bullying experience such as:

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