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Social media: The Benefits

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

What is social media?

Social media is a collection of apps that allows users to create and share information about themselves online. The most popular networking sites and apps include:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Pinterest

  • Whatsapp

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

What is social networking?

Social networking is the communication and sharing of information and interaction with others using the internet and social media.

What are the benefits to social media and social networking?

  • communication is free - the apps used to communicate and share information with others are free to download and free to use.

  • make new friends - with people who have the same likes and interests

  • build business connections - useful for promoting and marketing products and the business

  • find a partner - with someone who has the same likes and interests

  • access information, e.g. sport, entertainment - when and where these are happening

  • share photographs easily - with family and friends who are interested in seeing the photographs and keeping in touch

  • share information - information can be spread quickly using social media so if a fundraising event was happening or an event had to be cancelled, a lot of people can get that information quickly

  • access news in real time - as some social media platforms will push breaking news through to the person's feed, so the person can see what is happening on the news at that time

  • keeping in contact with friends and family who live in another country - as there is worldwide connectivity and people can share information and photos as a way of keeping in touch

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