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The Importance of Career Planning

Trying to plan a career path can be a difficult and daunting task for any student thinking about what to do after they leave school. However, career planning is important as it is an ongoing, lifelong process about:

  • their interests, values, skills and preferences.

  • continuing to explore options that are available to them - in life, work and learning.

  • trying to find a career that will fit with their personal circumstances.

  • adapting to changes that happen in throughout their life or changes that happen in the world of work.

Career planning is important because in the world of work and in the global market, employment patterns are continuously changing. Therefore, after leaving school and throughout their life, the student needs to:

  • always be reviewing their career plans,

  • making adjustments through opportunities and lifelong learning,

So that they remain employable in the world of work.

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