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Physical Health: Effects of a healthy diet

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Diet affects the overall health and well being of a person. Eating a balanced and healthy diet or an unhealthy diet affects a person's social, physical and emotional health, which are inter-related and are dependent upon each other.

When a person eats a healthy diet, the effects on their physical health include:

Being healthy

  • A healthy diet gives the body the nutrients it needs to perform physically, maintain wellness and fight disease.

Having energy

  • A healthy diet gives a person more energy, allowing the person to exercise frequently and stay active.

Getting good rest

  • A healthy diet calms the nervous system and triggers a sleep inducing hormonal response which helps a person sleep soundly during the night.

Feeling good

  • A healthy diet helps a person maintain a healthy weight and so they feel good about themselves and do not suffer much with illnesses and/or injury.

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