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How migrant workers have a positive effect on businesses in Northern Ireland

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Migration is the movement of people between countries.

Immigration is the movement of people from one country into another country. A migrant worker in Northern Ireland is someone who has left their country and moved into Northern Ireland to work.

Approximately 4% of the Northern Ireland workforce is made up of migrant workers. Migrant workers have a positive effect on businesses because:

  • Migrant workers bring vital skills that help the Northern Ireland economy grow and flourish.

  • Migrant workers work in many jobs in Northern Ireland, like in construction, healthcare and in factories. They help to fill jobs where there is a skills gap.

  • Migrant workers give employers a wider choice of applicants for jobs particularly since many migrant workers have skills that local people do not have.

  • Migrant workers can fill job vacancies that local people do not want so therefore businesses are able to continue with production.

  • Migrant workers can teach local people new ways or approaches to completing tasks or solving problems and as a result local people learn new skills in the workplace.

  • Migrant workers can bring cultural diversity to Northern Ireland in the form of language, food, music, etc. and so can appeal to a broader base of customers.

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