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A child's social development: How a parent can help

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Developing a child's social development shapes their relationships with others. A parent can help a child's social development by:

  • Taking their child to the local park in the neighbourhood - to play and interact with other children of a similar age

  • Inviting other children into their home - encouraging their child to share their toys and communicate when playing with other children

  • Attending a nursery - encourages friendships and communication skills in a structured setting through playtime, reading and active learning.

  • Being looked after by other family members - to help the child become more independent so they are not always relying on mummy and daddy

  • Eating meals together as a family - this is quality time where a child could be asked questions about their day and listened to by their parents

  • Taking their child out to restaurants/shops – showing their child how to behave (not touching items, sitting on a chair, not shouting out) and interacting with staff when ordering a meal or drinks

  • Reading to their child – this helps their child develop language skills which builds confidence and helps them to communicate with others

  • Role modelling – showing their child how to behave, with good manners, sharing and good communication

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