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Things to Avoid when making a Presentation

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Making a presentation can be tough so here are some tips that you should avoid doing during your presentation so that people do not lose interest in what you are saying and in the information you are trying to present.

Do not mumble

Sometimes when we listen to presentations, it is hard enough to stay interested without the presenter mumbling their way through their presentation. Genuinely people will be interested in what you have to say but if they have to listen too hard to what you are saying they will lose interest in you.

Do not speak very very fast or very very slow

Either speaking very fast or very slow will distract your audience as they will begin to concentrate on the pace at which you are speaking, rather than on what you have to say to them.

Do not shout the first word

Sometimes, people feel that if they accentuate the first word of each point they make, that it helps them to keep the presentation moving and interesting. But if you shout the first word and speak very quietly for the rest of the time, all people will remember about your presentation is the first word of each point that you make - they may not remember much else.

Do not look around the room distractedly

This will make you come across as nervous and unsure, not only of yourself but also of the subject that you are talking about. The audience will become unconvinced by what you are talking about and distracted by your inability to address them.

Do not deliver your presentation standing with your hands in your pockets

Standing with your hands in your pockets can give an impression that you are a bit relaxed about your presentation and it may even come across as that you really don't care that very much about what you are talking about or your audience who have taken the time to find out what you will be taking about.

Do not speak to the screen

Although it is very important that you glance at your screen, if giving a PowerPoint presentation, to follow what you are talking about and to help you to elaborate on the key points on the board. It is not an effective presentation if all you do is speak to the screen during your presentation, with your back to your audience and read out the information on your slides. It is difficult to hear what you are saying and it is boring when you read information that your audience can read for themselves.

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