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How to make an Effective Presentation

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Being able to make a presentation to a group of people takes a lot of courage and it is something that we are being asked to do in the workplace more and more. Here are some tips to help you make an effective presentation:

1. Be organised

It is important to your audience that your presentation is organised. It needs to have a clear start, middle and end. An effective presentation should begin with setting out what your presentation is going to be about. Then it should elaborate on main points during the presentation and end with an opportunity for the audience to answer any questions they may have.

2. Know and Understand your subject

It is important that you have a sound knowledge and understanding of what you are talking about. The audience needs to feel that they can trust you and be convinced by what you are telling them. This can only come about if you are sure about what you are talking about.

3. Not too much text

When giving a presentation, the audience are there to listen to you and an effective presentation will have key points and/or images to compliment what you say and to add an interest to what you are talking about. It is important that you do not overload your audience with too much text, too much writing, too much information for them to read. They won't be able to read and listen to you at the same time so they may miss some of the key points that you are trying to make throughout your presentation.

4. Speak at a good level

It is useful that you speak at a level that all members of your audience can hear. The people at the back of the room are as important and will be as interested as those sitting at the front of the room so it is important that your voice carries well, without shouting. So speak clearly and with confidence and a little louder than if you were in a conversation with someone.

5. Engage with your audience

Speak to your audience, they are taking time out of their lives to listen to what you are going to speak about so every now and again make eye contact with someone in your audience. This will help them feel that you are speaking to them and they will feel more engaged with you and your presentation.

6. Be presentable yourself!

When you dress neatly and appropriately, people will be interested in what you have to say. This is because they will believe that if you have taken the time to look good, then you will have taken the time to create an effective presentation and immediately you will have your audience's attention before you even begin.

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