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Different situations when presentations are used

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

There are many situations where presentations, usually a Google Presentation or a PowerPoint Presentation, can be used. Usually they are used within a workplace and they are used for a variety of different reasons.

To Motivate Staff in a Workplace

In the workplace, the employer can use pictures/video clips/key words to help put across positive messages to motivate staff in a fun, exciting and colourful way.

To Sell Something

Usually when someone is selling a product or an idea, they give a presentation as a way of explaining to the buyer what the product/idea is, what is good about it and the money needed for it to be a success. A presentation is used so that the presenter can show images of what they are trying to sell and this helps to create confidence in the buyer when they are trying to make a decision.

To Train Staff

Using a presentation is a very useful way to inform/train staff on the latest developments and expectations. It is a useful way of putting across information to a lot of people within an allocated time. All those being trained can see for themselves how things can be used, operated and/or processed through a presentation.

To Help People Understand

Presentations can be used as a way to simplify difficult concepts and information that helps the audience to understand, be informed and become educated on a given topic. For example in a school, a Careers Teacher giving a presentation to parents of sons/daughters applying to university can put across the information in a way that helps parents understand the process better.

To help get a job

More and more often now, employers will ask those who are being interviewed, for a job in their company, to make a presentation. Sometimes the interviewee will have time in advance to plan their presentation, other times the interviewee will be provided with a topic that they have to present to the interview panel, on the day of the interview. This allows the interviewer see more about the person like how organised they are, how knowledgeable they are about their job role and how confident they are with speaking to others.

To gain a qualification

In order to complete a course of study, a presentation may be used so that the person can demonstrate to others what they know and understand about a certain topic. Usually this is a compulsory part of the course. For example in GCSE English, as part of speaking and listening, a presentation is required if the pupil is to fulfil the requirements of their course.


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