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How and why young people of voting age should vote in local elections

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

It is important that young people participate in democratic processes because they can help to bring about changes and benefits to society. Voting in government elections also:

Serves their interests

Government make decisions which affect young people. There are specific issues which can affect young people for example university fees, employment, leisure facilities. By voting, young people can influence these decisions.

Shapes the future

By voting young people can influence decisions which can affect their future. For example decisions on education and jobs.

Allows them to support democracy

Democracy depends on people's participation and in particular young people's involvement; so there is a responsibility for young people to vote in government elections to support democracy.

Expresses a young people's voice

Voting gives young people a say in determining which party is elected to government and therefore in how the country is governed, this gives them knowledge and a better understanding of the democratic process.

Encourages active participation

Voting in government elections enhances a sense of civic responsibility, developing their knowledge and understanding of political parties, become more engaged in their society and provide an opportunity for young people to make a difference.

Puts young people in control of their future

Young people have a vested interest to ensure that they live in a stable and safe society with a sound economy. By voting for the political party/people who best represent their views they can help to shape the type of society in which they live.

Expresses an interest in politics

Young people might take an interest in politics and vote to express their political views and to have them represented in government.

Shows that young people care about their society

Young people could feel that politics is important and want to influence how society is governed for the common good.

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