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How a young person can be socially responsible?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

What is social responsibility?

Social responsibility is when people commit themselves to making a difference to the lives of others and have a genuine concern for the welfare of others.

A young person can be socially responsible in many ways including:

Showing respect

This can affect others. Behaving responsibly towards others and showing respect; also encouraging others to behave responsibly and show respect is a way that a young person can be socially responsible.

Thinking about their behaviour

A young person should not act in ways which could negatively impact on the community. For example, do not become involved in criminal activity - vandalism, taking drugs, fighting. This is a way that a young person can be socially responsible.

Helping others

A young person can help and support others who may need help. For example, they could help elderly people with chores and messages.


Young people can give up their time and volunteer in the youth club to help other young people or help with community projects.

A young person could volunteer for an NGO, fundraising, organising or participating in a campaign to help people in the community/society. They are being socially responsible by trying to improve the welfare of others in the community.

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