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What Human Rights do we have?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Human Rights are something that we have just because we are human. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was set up and established after the Second World War as a means to ensure that all people of all races, religion and ethnic backgrounds are treated equally and fairly in a just world. It was established to protect individuals.

Some Human Rights in the UDHR include:

Article 3 - Life, liberty and security of the person

This right protects people by ensuring that everyone has the right to their life, not to be killed and to be kept safe.

Article 4 - No one should be held in slavery

This right protects people from being held against their will and from being exploited.

Article 5 - No one should be subjected to torture or inhumane treatment

This right protects people from being hurt from torture.

Article 10 - Right to a fair trial

This right protects people from being treated unjustly by the law, people are entitled to a fair trial in the courts.

Article 12 - No one should experience interference with privacy, family, home or correspondence

This right protects people from invasion of their privacy. No one should have their post opened by others without permission or have their private telephone conversations listened to by others, without consent.

Article 19 - The right to freely express their views

This right protects people's right to express their views and not fear torture, abuse or imprisonment for doing so.

Article 21 - The right to vote

Everyone has the right to take part in government and vote in regular and free elections.

Article 23 - The right to work with equal pay for equal work

This right protects people from discrimination in the workplace where everyone doing the same job are paid the same amount of money

Article 25 - The right to adequate health and well-being

This right protects people's health and well-being. Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being.

Article 26 - The right to free education

This right means that education should be free and compulsory to elementary level.

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