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Benefits of living in a country that supports Human Rights

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Human Rights are something that all men, women and children and entitled to just because they are human. They are based on the values of dignity, fairness, equality and respect. They are universal, they cannot be taken away from us and governments cannot pick and choose which ones they will follow.

The benefits of living in a country that supports Human Rights means that there is:


Human Rights safeguard people from abuse like torture, exploitation and/or state injustice.


Human Rights help to ensure that people are treated equally in society, no matter what their race, religion, creed or ethnic origin is.

Quality of Life

Human Rights guarantee people a minimum standard of living like good health care, education and welfare.


Human Rights guarantee peoples' privacy. The state cannot interfere with people's privacy without just cause.

Freedom of expression

Human Rights allows people to speak freely and express their cultural, national, political or religious views. They also allow people to speak out against the government.

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