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Negative attitudes to health and well-being

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Peoples' attitudes to diet, exercise and healthy eating is shaped through many influences including educational programmes in schools and ongoing media campaigns about the benefits of diet, exercise and healthy eating on overall health and well being.

People are well aware of the importance of eating well and exercising often, to promote well-being. However, why do people ignore the recommendations?

Some negative attitudes to diet, exercise and healthy eating include:

"I'm too busy" - People say that they are too busy

  • They have a busy family life and a busy work life so trying to eat well and exercise would take time which they feel they do not have.

People lack education

  • Although people have an idea of what to eat and what not to eat, some lack the knowledge and understanding of what it means to eat a healthy diet and exercise regulalry. Some people believe that to try and plan to eat healthily is hard because there is conflicting advice on what is good to eat and what should be eaten only in moderation.

People lack the money

  • Some people see eating healthy and being a member of a gym as luxuries that are expensive and stretch an already tight budget.

People believe there is a quick fix

  • When there is an occasion coming up, people try to lose weight quickly by crash dieting and a weight loss diet is undertaken on an urgent, short-term basis with the aim of achieving very rapid results. However, after the result is achieved, the person ends up putting their weight, and more, back on just as quickly and relent very quickly to old habits.

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