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Strategies a young person may use to help relieve exam stress

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Stress is not an illness itself but it can cause serious illness if it is not addressed. It is therefore important young person is aware of ways to deal with stress. Being able to recognise and deal with stress is an important step to developing a healthy mind.

A person who experiences stress during exam time can try to help themselves and deal with stress by trying the following strategies:

  • Drawing up a revision timetable/plan to make sure all subjects are covered over the weeks and months ahead.

  • Drawing up a revision plan will make the student feel organised and ready for study.

  • Preparing notes by making them more user-friendly/rewrite the important points/colour them or highlight them to help you understand.

  • Taking regular breaks while studying to allow time to relax and enjoy something else, e.g. watching television.

  • Taking time away from studying by playing a sport/incorporate exercise during breaks to help alleviate the mental pressure of studying for exams.

  • Drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet to maintain optimum brain function.

  • Setting realistic goals and rewarding themselves when the student has accomplished something or revised for a period of time.

  • Finding out what their learning style is, and revise as much as possible using styles that suit the way the student learns best.

  • Keeping things in perspective (healthy mind) as exams are important but may not be the most important thing in a young person’s circumstances.

  • Talking to someone such as a parent or a teacher who can give advice and support the student on how to deal with the pressure and how they are feeling.

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